What research exists on the safety of chlorine and/or ozonators in hot tubs?

Question by martine3: What research exists on the safety of chlorine and/or ozonators in hot tubs?
I want to know if there are health risks associated with using either chlorine/bromine or ozonators, such as in the Arctic Hot Tubs product, to control bacteria in hot tubs. I know chlorine is safe in toothpaste and drinking water, but how about in hot tubs? I know ozone is toxic to the lungs, but how about ozonator systems in hot tubs? Has anyone ever done a controlled study comparing people who use hot tubs and people who do not to see if there is a difference in morbidity or mortality that might be associated with hot tub use? Thanks

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Answer by Dr. Hot Tub Wilmington NC
Wow a real tough one to answer… I know that ozonators have been unsed since the 1896 in the USA to treat water. The city of Boston was the first to use it and now most major cities have used it for many years. The process uses ultravilot light to sanitize. Rereadng your question though There would be more risks getting into unsantized hot water. Chlorine has been used for centuries. Of course the wrong combination of it becomes mustard gas. Look for the MSDS sheets on the type you want to use. I always use a CD Ozonator, Bromine and non-chlorine shock, since I want as little ordor as possible. The www.apsp.org might have some info for you, as will the www.nih.gov.

Deaths occur very rare with hot tub use, if we don’t include drowning. Chlorine can cause a threat if you continually beathe it but as you know it is heavier then air so that is usually not a problem since most tubs are also outside. There’s not much difference in the chlorine level you have with most cities since they usually are around 1 ppm and a hot tub/swimming pool is kept at 1-3 ppm depending on the state you live in. Ozone is used to clean dental equipment and surgical equipment even in hospitals so there must be a study out there for you to find. Good luck and i wouldn’t mind seeing it.

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