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Tooth Replacement Options

See Your Dentist About Tooth Replacement Options

You should know your Tooth Replacement Options…just in case.

Tooth Replacement Options

The aesthetic issue posed by losing a tooth can greatly affect some people’s lives. It can cause self-esteem and confidence issues and lead to the avoidance of social situations. Tooth replacement options, however, is about more than just fixing an aesthetic issue. The loss of a tooth can cause difficulties for the remaining healthy teeth. The remaining teeth can weaken and this creates additional gaps leaving those teeth more susceptible to damage leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

Tooth replacement can also prevent other issues such as a misalignment of the bite. Chewing can be made very difficult by the gaps left behind by missing teeth making it uncomfortable and even painful. A person’s speech patterns and pronunciation can also be affected if the missing teeth are in certain areas of the mouth causing a slur or a lisp.

Tooth replacement will be accomplished in one of four methods. If part of the tooth still remains then it may be possible to install a crown over the top. A Tooth Replacement Options is molded with a hole in the bottom precisely matching the piece of remaining tooth and is glued into place using an epoxy. A crown is considered a permanent fix but this is not always the case and they can come loose and fall off.

A larger gap will require the use of a bridge, sometimes called a fixed partial denture, that will be wired permanently into the mouth using the remaining teeth as anchors points. A full denture will be necessary if the tooth replacement consists of the entire set of upper and/or lower teeth. These are the false teeth that most people are familiar with and they can be inserted and removed at will for cleaning.

The fourth and final option for tooth replacement is an implant and requires a titanium post to be inserted through the gum and into the bone. This is the most expensive tooth replacement option and the one that takes the most amount of time. It is, however, the only true permanent solution and the final results will be indistinguishable from real teeth.

The choice of a Tooth Replacement Options will depend on the patient’s overall dental health, the amount of time that each method will take, and the cost of the procedure. A dentist will be able to discuss all of the available tooth replacement options and recommend the procedure that is the right fit for you. You should know your Tooth Replacement Options, just in case.

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Oral piercings and infections?

Question by Bandit: Oral piercings and infections?
I have heard that oral piercings get infected easier than normal because your moth is dirty, but I have also seen that they don’t get infected easily because your mouth is constantly producing new saliva.

So which is it??

Also, are tongue WEB piercings safe?

Best answer:

Answer by dentalhyg
If you think about it, the body is going to view the piercing as something foreign- or something that shouldn’t be there. First of all, oral piercings can damage periodontal tissue. Constant contact between the jewelery and gums and tooth structure can cause recession, chipping of the teeth, nerve damage and constant inflammation. The mouth itself is not “dirty” but it home to millions of tiny micro organisms that do have the potential to cause infection. Just because our salivary glands are producing saliva, this does not mean pathogenic micro organisms may/ may not be present.

An infection can become life threatening if it’s not treated promptly, which is why if you do opt for an oral piercing you should maintan proper recare visits to the dentists office.

According to the American Dental Association, “oral piercing carries a potential risk of endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart valves or tissues. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the piercing site in the mouth and travel to the heart, where it can colonize on heart abnormalities. This is a risk for people with heart conditions and, in the worst of cases, results in death.”

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by Sepi Fatahi DMD
The regular use of illegal drugs can also cause significant tooth damage. Drugs that pose a significant risk to your oral health are:
* Cannabis – This can cause dry mouth and can lead to an increased risk of gum problems. The smoke can cause oral cancer.
* Cocaine – Users sometimes rub cocaine over their gums which causes ulceration of gums and the underlying bone. When cocaine mixes with saliva it creates an acidic solution which erodes tooth enamel. Cocaine and crack cocaine cause dry mouth, which further increases the risk of tooth decay. Often users will grind their teeth (bruxism) which causes the teeth to wear down.
* Ecstasy – Side effects of the drug include bruxism (tooth grinding), jaw clenching and dry mouth.
* Heroin – Often users can crave sweet foods, which can increase the risk of tooth decay if dental hygiene is neglected. Heroin can also cause dry mouth and bruxism (tooth grinding).
* Methamphetamine – This drug causes severe and rapid tooth decay. Dental professionals have coined the term ‘meth mouth’ to describe the extensive damage typically caused by this drug. Methamphetamine is highly acidic and attacks tooth enamel. Other side effects include dry mouth, bruxism and jaw clenching.

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