Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin
While the Occupy-cheerleading teachers have to concoct such fantasy scenes, informed Americans remember that it was the Occupiers themselves who openly defecated in the streets. What's even more grossly comical is the sight of pampered Asner shilling …
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Why is Cuba's health-care system the best model for poor countries?
December 8, 2012 – Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal — Furious though it may be, the current debate over health care in the US is largely irrelevant to charting a path for the poor countries of Africa, Latin America, Asia and the …
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Greek specialty foods hot commodity for economy
The association aims to expand exports in the Middle East for its gum. It's funding medical research that purports to show that mastica is good for the digestion and dental health. And it's expanding product lines in mastic soaps, sweeteners, cosmetics …
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