I need help with symptoms!?

Question by Pudgygirl: I need help with symptoms!?
I have been to my family physcian and an ENT doctor and they come up with something different everytime but it seems nothing ever helps! I’ve had septoplasty and it didn’t help with these problems either.
My problem/symptoms: Loss of balance! I’m not dizzy though it’s been said I have Vertigo because of fluid in my ears but now the fluid is gone but not the loss of balance!
I feel as though someone is slowly putting a cover over my head and are holding their hands over my ears due to my loss of hearing. I feel like I can’t get enough oxygen into my lungs and my thoughts/ short term memory is terrible! I’m sleepy ALL DAY LONG! Then when bedtime comes I can hardly go to sleep! Does any of this sound familiar???
I have already seen a neurologist.

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Answer by Michy
you can go to webmd.com and they have a symptom checker. not to scare you but it could be a tumor because my dad had a loss of hearing in one ear and we later found out it was a non cancerous tumor. it was removed however my dad had nerve damage and has permanant hearing loss in one ear. so good luck.

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