Good Dental Care Starts At Home

Good dental care begins at home with some basic things that should be done on a daily basis.  It all starts with brushing your teeth at least twice daily using a soft bristled toothbrush.  You should brush for at least two minutes making sure to brush all areas of the mouth including the roof and tongue with a quality fluoride toothpaste.  An electric toothbrush may make it easier for you to get to some of the harder to reach places.  And remember to throw out that old toothbrush.  Many dentists recommend having two brushes, one for morning and one for night, and replacing them at least every three months.

Flossing also needs to be done on a regular schedule of at least once a day for good dental care.  You can do this either before or after you brush for good dental care. If you are only going to floss once a day then it should be part of your evening dental care routine.  Choose a dental floss that you are comfortable with and feels good when you use it.  Floss between all of your teeth firmly enough to remove any lodged food particles but not so firmly that you cause your gums to bleed.

Your home dental care routine should be finished off with some mouthwash.

Mouthwash should be used at least twice a day for good dental care, normally as a rinse after brushing and flossing.  This will help to Dental Careget rid of any loosened food particles as well as help to control the bacteria population in your mouth.  It is the bacteria in your mouth that is the main cause of both plaque build up and bad breath.

Even the best home dental care routine doesn’t eliminate the need to see your dental professional.  Visit your dentist for Dental Care on a regular basis so that he can stay on top of your dental health.  Check ups should be scheduled every six months and more often if your dentist suggests.  Your dentist will be able to spot any of the signs of tooth decay or gum disease early and be able to offer you treatments so that these small problems don’t grow into larger ones.  Failure to see your dentist and heed his advice about your dental care can lead to complications and painful problems down the road. Make sure that you discuss your home dental care regimen with your dentist to determine if your efforts are adequate to maintain good dental health.

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