Study – Eating disorders prevalent among older adults

Study – Eating disorders prevalent among older adults
The ''vicious cycle'' of binging can lead to ''despair, disgust and a sense of loss of control,'' the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders reports. Breece, a retired office … A wife, stepmother and step-grandmother …

County spreading the word about prescription discount card
MANKATO — A new free drug prescription discount card for Blue Earth County residents offers savings not only on medications but on dental, vision, veterinary, lab and hearing services as well. “There are no health or age restrictions; everyone …
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Composite Fillings


Composite Fillings

Sometimes, when you have a toothache, the cause is due to the tooth being severely decayed.  If the toothache is causing you severe pain, the never on the inside of the tooth may be dying or already dead.  If this is the case, you’ll need to either have the tooth extracted or the nerve removed from the tooth, in order to remove the abscess. Removing the nerve will save the tooth, and is known as a root canal.

Root canals are very common within the world of dentistry, as they represent a known way to save the tooth from dying.  Although many people end up having their teeth extracted, others turn to the root canal.  This dental procedure isn’t preferred by many, as it can take quite a long time, normally around 3 – 4 hours.  If the abscess is severe, it will take longer, as the dentist will have to scrape out all of the dying pulp from inside of the tooth.

Now days, dentists are starting to use machines to do a majority of the scraping and probing associated with root canals.  In the past, the dentist had to do it all himself which took quite a bit of time.  Now, with the use of a machine, the dentist can drill the hole in the tooth then let the machine to do the scraping.  This helps to cut down on the amount of time for a root canal, as well as ensure that all of the dead or dying pulp has been removed efficiently.

The cost for a root canal may also be something that people fear worse than the actual procedure itself.  Root canals can cost around $800 to over $1,000 dollars, which makes it something that many can’t afford.  Instead of paying a high price to have a root canal, most choose to pay a smaller price and simply have the tooth extracted.

The choice you need to make when thinking about a root canal, is whether or not you wish to save the dying tooth.  Sometimes, a dentist will recommend the root canal, especially if he thinks it would be in your best interest to save the tooth.  Other times, he will let you make the decision, and decide if you want to save it or just go ahead and have it extracted.

Although the root canal is a procedure that many fear, it is also a procedure that can save the life of your tooth.  If you have a dying tooth, you should consider this procedure.  It isn’t really that painful, as you’ll be numb the entire time.  The only thing that’s really frustrating is the time it takes to complete the root canal.  Even though it may be time consuming – it is still an efficient way to save the life of your tooth.

CSI Students Place First for Dental Hygiene Research

CSI Students Place First for Dental Hygiene Research
All students in the program have been invited to present their research to the Magic Valley Dental Hygiene Society. State winners DeWalt and Peterson have been invited to present their study at the annual American Dental Hygienists Association session …
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Beverly Hills Dentist Celebrates National Dental Hygiene Month
National Dental Hygiene Month (NDHM) is a collaborative effort organized by the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) and Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company aimed to educate patients and consumers about oral disease prevention. The ADHA and …
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help wanted: high-skilled immigrants needed to fill open positions

help wanted: high-skilled immigrants needed to fill open positions
Nearly half of the top venture-backed, early-stage companies are founded by at least one immigrant, says a 2011 study by the National Foundation for American Policy. But strict U.S. immigration … Obtaining a job as a dental assistant, she was simply …
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New council sworn into office
During closing council announcements, Linn revealed that DenMat Holdings LLC, a leading provider of dental products and technologies, has plans to expand operations, bringing a handful of new jobs to the city. … Council members delegated committee …
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Affording Dental Veneers

We’ve all at one time or another wanted that celebrity smile. You know, the one that glows with radiance like the celebrities have as they pace down the red carpet. However, many of us simply can’t afford that million dollar smile. Fortunately, there are some things we can do to financially equip ourselves for that new smile.

The first step you should take in your quest to pay for your veneers is contact your insurance company. Although many insurance companies typically don’t cover cosmetic procedures, some may be able to pay a percentage of it. This is nice considering that veneers can go for as much as $1,000 a tooth.

If you’ve been in some sort of accident that’s somehow disfigured your teeth, it might be worth mentioning it to your insurance company. If you convince them enough, they might empty their pockets and fully cover your dental veneers.

If the insurance route doesn’t go as planned, it might be in your best interest to carefully shop around for another cosmetic dentist. The rates charged for a veneer procedure can significantly vary from dentist to dentist. If you find a price tag you like, make sure you research the dentist plenty before seating yourself in the dental chair.

Finally, it may be worth asking a friend or family member to lend you some money for your dental veneers. Sit down and work out a plan before lending any amount of money. Get a contract together and have both you and the other party sign it. That way, any future problems can be resolved expediently.

How to become a Tooth designer/Dental Technician Basically….in Houston Texas or surrounding areas.?

Question by Sergio: How to become a Tooth designer/Dental Technician Basically….in Houston Texas or surrounding areas.?
Currently have RDA Registered Dental Assistant License, Over 1 year experience working in dental field from : (General Dentistry, Family Dentistry, Orthodontics, Dental Assisting College background. I like working chairside with Dentist working in the lab, but would like to actually design teeth on computers or in a laboratory. I tend to do great in the dental office laboratory and would like to get a job working where your not always working with the dental patients. I was thinking working in the front office, which seems really intriguing. But then again there’s customers to attend all day there too. I’d like to gain experience as a Dental Technician, I have a friend who designs teeth also but im trying to get in these field doing it on my own without asking for help except on here yahoo answers is very helpful.

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Answer by Hawkeyesrule
Dental labs often train their technicians themselves. There are about 30 dental lab tech programs at various colleges throughout the country–you could see which is the closest to you.

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