6 Ways to Control Fear and Anxiety

Hello my friends.  In my last article I spoke about my FEAR AND ANXIETY experience I had as a child.  Well this experience, even though, was a very unpleasant one at the time created a very serious approach to fearful and anxious patients in my practices.

There are several excellent modalities to controlling fear and anxiety.  I would like to give you my top six list of best ways to control fear and anxiety:

Number 6:   Have a candid conversation with your dentist about the fear and and anxiety you’re having.  You should let the dentist know how you feel just being at his office.

Number 5:  Ask the dentist about different techniques available to him to help you relax and let him explain what they do in the office

Number 4: Nitrous Oxide sedation is an excellent way to relax and is extremely safe. Also know as “laughing gas”.   It is a gas you inhale coupled with oxygen to help you relax in the office.  This is completely safe and is an excellent way to make it through the appointment for adults and children.

Number 3: Ask about taking a sedative pill prior to your visit.  There are several pills such as Valium, Halcion or Triazolam may be taken prior to the visit to help you achieve moderate level of  sedation.  Some people become groggy and may fall asleep during the procedure.

Number 2: IV sedation.  This is moderate sedation you receive through your vein and it helps you relax and sleep during dental procedures.  You are constantly monitored during the process

and the  NUMBER 1 modality:

Number 1: Deep sleep sedation and general anesthesia.  In this case you will get medication which will make you almost or totally unconscious.  This is also referred to as deep sleep.

In Zak Dental we pay special attention to people with fear and offer them all the modalities I named above to help control and alleviate patient’s  fear.