Can someone fully explalin how to become a dentist in Canada?

Question by lol: Can someone fully explalin how to become a dentist in Canada?
Let’s say I go to UBC after highschool which is in June. Can someone FULLY explain how to be a dentist? I really want to be a dentist and I did some research on becoming a dentist, but I couldn’t find anything specific… Please guide me… Please tell me which faculty to apply for, which courses I need to take and other details. BTW what’s the difference between dental school and faculty of dentistry? which one do I go first?? I’m really lost.. PLease help Thanks

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Answer by TallToothpick
Dental school is under the faculty of dentistry. When you’re admitted into the faculty of dentistry, you are in dental school.

I know for sure that UBC has pretty high requirements. If I recall correctly, you require a minimum of 3 years undergrad experience. I can’t explain fully because i’m in a rush, but I suggest that you go to UBC’s website and check how to. I’m pretty sure it will be there. If it’s not, then ask your guidance counsellor or career advisor.

When you apply, you apply under the “Faculty of Dentistry”. The courses you need to take will be specified on the faculty page. That is, they will tell you the pre-requisites before you even go to university. Also, they will tell you the courses you will be taking during university for dentistry.

Oh, yeah. Be sure to search “The Canadian Dental Association”. There will be a little bit of information there, including information about the DAT. You need to write the DAT before you get into dentistry. Also not that not all who write the DAT get into the faculty of dentistry, or dental school.

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