The future of dentistry is meeting in New Orleans

The future of dentistry is meeting in New Orleans
… and other pavilions featuring CAD/CAM and implants, [being in the exhibit hall] will be a win-win for attendees and exhibitors," Dr. Blicher said. Registered attendees and ADA members can experience portions of the meeting online at
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Patients with Diabetes Should Watch Their Mouths, Gum Disease Could Wreck
For more information about the ADA, visit For more information on oral health, including prevention, care and treatment of dental disease, visit the ADA's consumer website SOURCE American Dental Association.
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Charity dental clinic planned for New Orleans
The clinic is being held in coordination with local dental associations and America's Dentists Care Foundation. Twenty-seven states are hosting similar events this year. More details about New Orleans' clinic are available at: …
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“Dental Implants” ?

Question by westphalia1: “Dental Implants” ?
Is there such a thing as “dental Implants” that are free, experimental or at no cost? Does any Dental Insurance cover the whole cost? Thanks.

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Answer by cindy4
What is a dental implant???

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Is there a dentist out there that is willing to fix my entire mouth?

Question by babycattos: Is there a dentist out there that is willing to fix my entire mouth?
Ever since I was 5 yrs old I have been afflicted with tooth pain (due to spinal menenchitus my teeth came out mushy.) I am now 40 yrs old and on the verge of becomming a dental handicap. but even that’s to costly. I have insurance. Everyday for the past ten years or so I have had toothache pain. I am willing to be a guinnea pig if thats what it takes to use my smile again. Currently my teeth are either missing, have incomlete root canals, abcessed or crazy glued back in. If there is a dentist out there that is willing to work with me because they care about teeth and is not in it for a whole lot of money, please here my cry.

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Answer by sherryn
Please let me know when you find one, as I also have the same complaints about Dentists who don’t care about the needs of the patient! I don’t smile much either & it really sucks to live with this constant pain!

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affordable dental assistant schools / hygiene near san jose ca?

Question by Jazmin : assistant schools / affordable dental hygiene near san jose ca ?
I live in san jose and have been looking for professional dental schools / training. I do not want no real place, expensive as Heald, Carrington, Everest, etc. please help Best answer:
Reply by jannsody

smart to want to avoid those private for-profit schools such as warp, Everest, devry and Carrington You. If the community college (or county vo-tech school adult dental assistant) has accredited the “American Dental Association” program, schools are often more affordable, good reputación.Antes taking pre-req courses for dental hygiene or dental assistance, please look through and read some books dental, such as those found in the library of the local community college that offers DA or DH or dental school library text / local health. Some patients may have severe dental disease that can be difficult for some to handle. If you have not done some job shadowing, please find out about it también.Para accredited programs in DA or DH: U.S.: http://www / world / univInformación overall career. Http :/ / / ooh and can search

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How can I get a job in a dentists’ office?

Question by Simple: How can I get a job in a dentists’ office?
I am going to school to become a dentist and I am a sophomore in college. I work at a grocery store but I would rather get my foot in the door and get some dental experience. I have met people who became dental assistants without even going to college, they got to work with people doing little things like telling them to spit in a cup and all that. How hard is it to start working at one of these offices? BTW, I don’t want to be a receptionist, I want to be in the actual environment. What should I say to the owners of these clinics and how should I present myself?
Tique, dental assistants do more work than what I was describing. I don’t expect to be an actual dental assistant without a full education or experience. The people I met without an education got to clean up around the area and do some small work with the patients, they were not actual dental assistants and that is what I am interested in until I finish college. Your answer doesn’t help me at all, but thanks.
emmalue, I wasn’t knocking the receptionist position. I just don’t have an appropriate speaking voice for a job like that. I am very business-minded and am always dressed professionally but I really like the idea that you hired a woman on impulse. I guess that shows me that I have a chance. Thank you.

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Answer by Cherie♥♫
Visit or

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