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Good Dental Care Is An Important Part Of A Healthier Life For Seniors
Yuma, Arizona (NAPSI) – While it's often overlooked, good dental health plays an important role in keeping older adults healthy. Poor oral health … Dental care tips offered by the American Dental Association are essentially the same across all age …
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Nasseo prepares for multiple clinical studies on its titanium nanotube dental
The Arizona-based clinical studies will follow the Company's history of success in the state. To date, Nasseo has been selected for the prestigious BioAccel/BioInspire Medical Device Incubator, received the Arizona BioIndustry Association's (AzBio …
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Spodak Dental Group Welcomes Prestigious Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr
Dr. Torres is also an active member of the American Association and American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, American and Florida Dental Associations, Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation, and American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.
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A John Hughes Guide to Movie Filming Locations in Chicago
Unfortunately, Ferris Bueller's House is actually in Los Angeles, so if you want to have a final showdown with Ed Rooney, you'll have to get out to California… otherwise visiting Save Ferris Watertower (which, sadly, was repainted) makes for a good …
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Genealogical society: Yucaipa Valley Genealogical Society meets at 1 p.m. the second Saturday of the month at the Yucaipa Branch Library, 12040 Fifth St., Yucaipa. Program at today's meeting is “Faces of America” video, part 3. There will be a workshop …
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How do I get my Registration for Dental Assisting?

Question by Sharon E: How do I get my Registration for Dental Assisting?
I will graduate on June 5th, 2010–do I need to contact the GA Dentistry Association to become a Registered Dental Assistant?

Best answer:

Answer by PenPress
You have to contact the professional licensing bureau of GA first.

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Engel Family Dentistry Announces Grand Opening and Participation in CDA
Engel Family Dentistry in Folsom, California, announces the grand opening of their dental office, which provides comprehensive dental care for patients in the Sacramento area. The office has also volunteered with the California Dental Association to …
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Assam in need of more dental colleges: Governor
He was speaking at the 43rd Annual Dental Conference organized by the Assam Branch of Indian Dental Association (ABIDA) in Dispur. Patnaik said dental health services in the country were grossly inadequate and that this inadequacy was more evident in …
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Digital Xrays Are Replacing Conventional Radiography

Digital Xrays Are Replacing Conventional Radiography

Digital Xrays

Radiography is a routine part of dental care that helps give your dentist insight into any dental problems that may be affecting you.  A greater understanding of your underlying dental structure aids in the prevention of future issues as well.  Conventional radiography has several drawbacks despite its usefulness and is slowly being replaced by  the new technology of digital  xrays.  A small camera about the size of a large postage stamp, but thicker, is place into your mouth and within seconds you and your dentist are looking at the pictures via Digital Xrays.

The radiation levels resulting from a conventional set of xrays is small but can add up over time if you are having extensive dental work performed.  As many as 18 xrays may be needed to examine all of your teeth.  Dentists understand this risk and do their best to minimize a patient’s exposure, but xrays will continue to be used because the information that they provide outweighs the danger.  Digital xrays eliminate a great portion of the radiation necessary and can lower your radiation exposure by over 80%.

The digital xrays process is greatly simplified compared to that of conventional radiography.  There is no film involved so there are no dangerous chemicals necessary. The images are sent directly to a computer and are available for viewing as digital xrays almost immediately.  These new, high quality images of your dental work can be easily looked at, stored, or printed out.  They can be sent off or carried with you if your dentist needs a consultation on your case or if you ever have the need to change your dental care provider.

Digital xrays can be manipulated by computer software affording your dentist a more detailed view that with normal xrays.  Software also makes it much easier for your dentist to compare sets of xrays taken at different times to determine if there has been any change in your condition.  This allows your dentist to diagnose problems sooner so that larger, more complicated dental issues can be avoided.

The benefits of digital xrays are making it the choice of many dental professionals for the care of their patients.  This new technology gives a dentist a better quality image of a patient’s mouth and aids in providing a higher quality of dental care that allows the patient to spend less time in the dental office.  Conventional radiography may soon be completely replaced by digital xrays.