Free webinar on dental implants open to Staten Island residents

Free webinar on dental implants open to Staten Island residents
Shutterstock.comThe free webinars are especially pertinent to those who may be missing one or more teeth, are dissatisfied with their partial or full denture, have had extensive dental work that is failing, or have periodontal disease and frequent oral …

Cheaper Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments
If you want cheap dental implants, braces or veneers you need to invest a little bit of effort into researching. Take your time and comparison shop on the consumer review sites. Here, former patients of certain dentists or dental clinics will post …

Dr. Zak Brings Christmas Cheer In Simi Valley!

Christmas Cheer In Simi Valley!

simi detnistDr. Zak Family Dentistry

Simi Valley (Dr. Zak Family Dentistry) office is holding a food drive in collaboration with St. Peter Clavier. Please join our efforts to feed the hungry and drop off items of non perishable foods at our office location. Food collection is between the dates of December 1st, through December 19th.

Dr. Zak Family Dentistry 4537 Alamo St., Suite A Simi Valley, CA 93063 805-520-5830

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Important Aspects of Dental Care
You should use ADA (America Dental Association) approved toothbrush and toothpaste to ensure complete dental hygiene. You should develop habit of brushing your teeth first thing in the morning, and immediately after your meal. You can also use …

I need extensive dental work need in house financing?

Question by nwatkins_79: I need extensive dental work need in house financing?
I am a single mom and do not have enough established credit to get a card. Most of what I need are root canals and crowns. I was quoted 12,000. I have insurance but they only cover 1,000 a year. I am in pain and the dentist said if I dont fix them now it will be to late to save them. Does anyone know a dentist in the Atlanta GA area that will work with you. And not up charge everything I can only affort about 200 a month.

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Answer by s0ul_exp0sed
thats sad, i wish i knew something or somebody that could help ya.

there are people on this earth that have a home in cali, a home in ny, a home in florida, a home in aspen, 6 cars to their name, motorboats, cellphones, laptops, plasma tvs,

but someone with nerve shattering pain cant make it go away. Im broke, and in the red, but if iwas in the black, id help out.

if i was you, id dentist shop till i couldnt shop no more. beg em, someone will listen

good luck

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