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Is there a dentist out there that is willing to fix my entire mouth?

Question by babycattos: Is there a dentist out there that is willing to fix my entire mouth?
Ever since I was 5 yrs old I have been afflicted with tooth pain (due to spinal menenchitus my teeth came out mushy.) I am now 40 yrs old and on the verge of becomming a dental handicap. but even that’s to costly. I have insurance. Everyday for the past ten years or so I have had toothache pain. I am willing to be a guinnea pig if thats what it takes to use my smile again. Currently my teeth are either missing, have incomlete root canals, abcessed or crazy glued back in. If there is a dentist out there that is willing to work with me because they care about teeth and is not in it for a whole lot of money, please here my cry.

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Answer by sherryn
Please let me know when you find one, as I also have the same complaints about Dentists who don’t care about the needs of the patient! I don’t smile much either & it really sucks to live with this constant pain!

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