Why are dentists and the dental association in denial about amalgam?

Question by borat: Why are dentists and the dental association in denial about amalgam?
Amalgam = Toxic.

Even the FDA admitted that it is Toxic recently. Is it just for money?

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Answer by spongebobrogers
Here is the deal. Bottom line is all forms of dental fillings currently available are under investigation. Amalgams contain mercury, obviously not the best idea. However, they are MUCH safer than they were in the past. They used to be hand mixed where the mercury was hand added which could often lead to too much mercury being added and ingested. The new ones come in preset capsules so you don’t get too much mercury (the idea). However, they recently stated they think they are ok for most people except very young and pregnant. It is somewhat like raw food. When cooking it isn’t yet safe, but after fully cooked it is. The same could be said for amalgam fillings. During setting and placement would be the most crucial b/c the mercury isn’t set yet, but after it sets it becomes one and the mercury is set and incorporated in the fill. The white/ composite fills aren’t a great idea either and are currently under investigation also b/c they contain the same material as the plastic baby bottles that were recalled. Not to mention they don’t tend to last as long as the older amalgam fills. Bottom line, someone in research and development needs to get on the ball. An infected tooth scenario isn’t a great idea either.

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