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Q&A: How does oral health (teeth) affect diabetes?

Question by Gary D: How does oral health (teeth) affect diabetes?
I’ve never heard of this correlation and my local grocery store in Texas (HEB) posted this advertisement on their pharmacy bags now…

“For better oral health against diabetes, replace your toothbrush every 3 months.”.

This statement doesn’t make any sense to me. First of all, the American Dental Association recommends a MONTHLY change of toothbrush for good oral health, but I’ve never heard of this being done to help prevent diabetes?!!!

Does this make any sense to anyone else out there?

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Answer by debbigeri
i just found out that i have diabeties and had to get teeth pulled. he said that it was because of my diabeties.

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How much are dental implants for my 16 year old son?

Question by Jaime L: How much are dental implants for my 16 year old son?
He needs an implant and I wonder how much is reasonable to pay for this procedure. What to look for if any, and any suggestions. I live in South Florida.
Thanks in advance
The front incisive tooth is missing from a skating accident whe he was little.

Best answer:

Answer by Danny P
It depends where. I got one in the front and that was 3000 dollars without good insurance. check this site out

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Dental Assistant Program Acceptance

Dental Assistant Acceptance

Dental Assistant Acceptance

Dental Assistant is one of the fastest growing professions. It is anticipated to be one of the top occupations by 2012. Almost all Dental Assistant programs require applicants to successfully pass a background check prior to acceptance. In addition, drug testing is becoming a widely common practice as well. Most states require students to be tested for Hepatitis B prior to acceptance as well.


Many programs want to look at your work history, education level, and GPA. All of these factors combined will determine if you are accepted into a Dental Assistant Program. You will get a letter informing you of the decision. If you are not accepted into the Dental Assistant Program, you have the right to inquire as to the information that decision was based on.


The reason for background checks for Dental Assistants is because of the number of people they come into contact with. Since they serve the public, their background becomes an area of concern. Safety is a top priority in the dental field. Precautions are taken protect patients as well as other staff.


The background process is very similar in all states. You will be required to provide your personal information and fingerprints. All information that comes back will be reported to the program director. Each state has different levels of acceptable background checks for the Dental Assistant Program.


If you believe your background might prevent you from being accepted into a Dental Assistant Program, ask the instructor or the State Dental Board what the regulations are for your particular state. In some states, they will only look at background information that is less than seven years old. Others will only ban you from the Dental Assistant program if you have been convicted of a crime that involved violence or was of a sexual nature. Other states are very strict. If you have any felony convicts at all, you will not be accepted to the Dental Assistant program. They also will look at misdemeanors including harassment and domestic violence.


Background checks are an ongoing issue with Dental Assistants. You can complete the training program and your license. Your license will be valid for three to five years depending on the state you live in. Upon renewal, another background check will be completed. You can lose your license and your career if you have had any criminal activity during your licensing period. Again, it depends on the regulations for your state.

Since state regulations vary, keep that in mind when considering transferring your Dental Assistant license to another state.


Drug testing regulations have come into play to provide safety for patients and other staff. Drug convictions will generally result in you not being admitted to the Dental Assistant program. It is believed the drugs will impair your ability to perform your job duties in the manner they must be done in. Also, since drugs are available on site of dental facilities, it is possible you will take them.


Hepatitis B is a concern in the dental profession. All individuals wanting to enroll in the Dental Assistant program will be required to be tested. They test requires a quick skin prick on the top of your hand. The results are generally available within a couple of days.


Depending on the Dental Assistant program you are trying to get into, they will require a background check, drug test, and Hepatitis B test. If there is a large demand to enroll in the course your work history, education, and GPA may also be taken into consideration if more people what to enroll than there are slots available.


Being a Dental Assistant is an opportunity to provide assistance to people as well as participate in the practices of the dental field. It also requires accepting responsibly for your actions. Dental Assistants have to be very responsible. It is believed you decisions in your personal life often reflect the choices you will make in your personal life.

Dental Insurance vs. Discounted Dental Plans

Dental Insurance And Discount Plans

Dental Insurance And Discount Plans

Oral health and maintenance of the same is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. Prevention and correction of dental problems on time is essential to stem the damage to one of the most important organs of the human body. Many people do not realize the importance of maintaining their oral health. Most Americans who do are without effective dental coverage. This is mainly due to cutting costs by major businesses effecting employee dental benefits. People who are used to regular maintenance of dental health are looking at options where they can get dental benefits. One main question on their minds today is “How benefits differ between Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans?


Dental insurance is not available for individuals and families. Is traditionally a coverage offered by employers to their employees who pay monthly premiums for fixed coverage. This kind of coverage has drawbacks – ceiling on spending, deductible or non-reimbursable issues, and waiting periods for certain kind of dental procedures, limitations and care or disease exclusions. This kind of coverage also involves submission of claims. Dental Insurance traditionally covers preventive dental services like cleaning and routine examinations at 100% after deductibles are adjusted (they may vary from $20-$50 annually per individual). However, the choice of the dentist is up to the individual and premium is about $30 a month for individuals and $100 a month for families.


Discount dental plans on the other hand offer dental benefits to everyone and are designed to give access to the dentist networks at discounted rates. They are also known as reduced fee dental plans or affordable dental plans. They are easy to join and does not involve any paperwork. Discount dental plans are generally membership programs that provide coverage on an annual basis with monthly membership fee. Consumers get secured discounts on dental services like exams, routine cleanings, extractions, root canals, fillings, dentures, and braces. They save the consumer 10-60% percent off standard fee of visiting a participating network provider or dentist.


The traditional dental insurance and discounted dental plans can also be clubbed together in certain situations to maximize savings.

Wichita Periodontist Utilizes New Digital Imaging Technologies for Dental Implants

Wichita Periodontist Utilizes New Digital Imaging Technologies for Dental Implants
(PRLEAP.COM) Wichita, KS – Dr. Marq J. Sams at Wichita Periodontics has announced that he is now using 3D Cone Beam Computer Tomography (3D CBCT) to provide better dental implant treatment planning and results. It is now easier than ever to access …
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Woodland Hills Dentist Dr. Kanani Announces New Dental Implant Prices Right
This top general dentist woodland Hills has unveiled that dental implants is one of the most common procedures carried out at his dental clinic. However, Dr. Kanani wishes to inform current and potential patients that this procedure is not something …
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