How to get rid of sensitive teeth from teeth whitestrips?

Question by Omfgbrandeee: How to get rid of sensitive teeth from teeth whitestrips?
i started using crest 3D white strips professional and the first 2 days was fine its the 3rd night now and all of a sudden i have a pulse like pain in my lower teeth its been over 2 hours now and it hasn’t gone away. Yes i know that it is a side effect but does it really last this long? How can i get rid of the pain. its keeping me awake. :/ Help.

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Answer by Julzz33
It can last anywhere from several hours to even several weeks/months after using whitening treatments. They weaken and thin the enamel of your teeth and gums, exposing more sensitive tissue. I usually recommend stopping the whitening treatments ASAP and using Advil as an immediate solution for the pain (600mg Ibuprofen every 4 hours for a day or do, as long as you can take Advil – no allergies to it or anything) and switching to Sensodyne toothpaste as soon as you can. It will take a few days for the sensodyne to start working, which is why I suggest the Advil in the meantime, but you should see a definite improvement with the sensodyne in a few days.

The Sensodyne is avail. over the counter, as well as the Advil – most dentists prescribe 600mg Advil, as this is the prescription strength dose; it would require taking 3 of the over the counter tablets. If you’re uncomfortable taking this dose, you can check with a doctor or pharmacist; however, the max. daily dose for Advil is 3200 mg, and 600mg at a time is approved by the medical and dental associations for safety and effectiveness. We find that generally, the 200-400mg over the counter strength is pretty useless…

The only other recommendation I would make would be to have a dentist check out the area that’s throbbing if it doesn’t at least lessen somewhat in about 24-48 hours. The reason is that once in a while (although rarely) whitestrips will trigger pain in an area that had an underlying problem, such as a root canal infection or cavity; the whitening treatments can speed up the progression of the problem. Throbbing pain may indicate something a little more serious than post-whitening sensitivity syndrome, so it would be a good idea to have a dentist rule out cavities or infections.

However, if it is just due to the whitestrips (which is also still very likely), then most of the time the sensitivity will resolve over time; it should start to lessen slightly in about 1-3 days, after which it may linger for several weeks to a month, but should show steady improvement during that time. If it lasts more than a month and you’re still having to use painkillers or sensodyne to relieve the sensitivity, it may unfortunately be permanent (once in a while this happens after whitening treatments). If that’s the case, your dentist can apply a prescription “seal” over the teeth in the office, which can stop the sensitivity entirely.

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