How do you call those papers like medical statement to send to insurance company?

Question by yooyoomaster: How do you call those papers like medical statement to send to insurance company?
I’ve been going to a University Dentisty and have no insurance in US so paid all all expansive fee.So I’m trying to gather papers to send to my country’s national insurance for few cash back.then here’s my questions.

How can you call those papers that proof the contents of treatments I’ve got with the dentistry which need the signature of doctor. (I told a represent “Medical Certificate” but she didn’t understand)

Also,if each treatments that I’ve taken were by all different doctor since it’s University’s Dentistry,should I ask all around for each doc’s signature?Or should I just ask only one represent doc’s signature?

I guess most papaers to prepare for insurance are similer so if any of you had ever gather those paper,could you tell me??

Thank you very much in advance!
We call it “Attending Phicisian’s Statement” in Japanese that you can use to claim to insurance company for a car accident ect….but the rep didn’t get it so I was confused…
I have claim form but I need proofs shows what exactly kind of treamenr I’ve got and signature on bottom. The easiest example is broke a leg by a car accident and go to see a doc and the doc would give you a phisician’s statement with his sign on it to be able to claim to insurance company then you gonna fill an claim form and that doc’s note and receipt of all paid. I’m looking for the word for that doc’s note…I know I explain too long!;-)

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Answer by MsSkellington
You talking about claim forms? Where procedures, dates of service and diagnosis codes and dollar amounts are listed. Or do you mean you need an itemized statement from the facility that provided services?

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