If I go to community college until i fulfill all of my dental hygiene prerequisites would i then be able to?

Question by plot writer: If I go to community college until i fulfill all of my dental hygiene prerequisites would i then be able to?
finish the rest of my courses for my dental prerequisites at a university and get accepted in a university?? Has anyone done this

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Answer by rmconnorsr1
You would be able to usually as long as it is within the same state most credits transfer easily between community colleges and universities. I would look into community colleges that offer a dental hygiene program tho. They are usually cheaper and offer a more extensive program. I would also call a few dentists in the area and ask if there are any colleges they wouldn’t hire from(because they continually turn out bad students). Some colleges say they are fully accredited to pull you in but dont mention the fact that they arent accredited by the ADA(american dental association). These programs are usually shorter and more expensive. You should be going to school where they have a full dental clinic that sees the public on a daily basis and you get hands on experience for about 2yrs.

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affordable dental assistant/hygiene schools near san jose ca?

Question by Jazmin: affordable dental assistant/hygiene schools near san jose ca?
I live in san jose and have been looking for vocational dental schools/training. dont want any real expensive places like Heald, Carrington, Everest etc. please help!

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Answer by jannsody
You’re smart to want to avoid those private For-profit schools such as heald, Everest, devry and Carrington. If the local community college (or county vo-tech adult school for dental assistant) has an accredited program from the “American dental association”, those schools are usually more affordable and reputable.

Before taking pre-req courses for dental assisting or dental hygiene, please look through and peruse some dental textbooks such as those found at the local community college library that offers DA or DH or the local dental/medical school library. Some patients may have severe dental disease which may be tough for some to handle. If you haven’t done some job shadowing, please find out about that as well.

For accredited programs in DA or DH: http://www.ada.org/5500.aspx

U.S. colleges: http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ

General career info: http://www.bls.gov/ooh and can search.

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How does oral health (teeth) affect diabetes?

Question by Gary D: How does oral health (teeth) affect diabetes?
I’ve never heard of this correlation and my local grocery store in Texas (HEB) posted this advertisement on their pharmacy bags now…

“For better oral health against diabetes, replace your toothbrush every 3 months.”.

This statement doesn’t make any sense to me. First of all, the American Dental Association recommends a MONTHLY change of toothbrush for good oral health, but I’ve never heard of this being done to help prevent diabetes?!!!

Does this make any sense to anyone else out there?

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Answer by debbigeri
i just found out that i have diabeties and had to get teeth pulled. he said that it was because of my diabeties.

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Natural Toothache Remedies

Dental Assistants

Toothache Remedies


Not many people are aware of the fact that several herbs can be used in the relief of toothache pain. Natural herbs such as cloves, calendula, tarragon, and yarrow can be used to help relieve th pain until you can get to the dentist. For many years, different cultures have counted on herbs to help get the pain of a toothache control and get temporary relief.


Native Americans for example, used the inner bark found in the butternut tree to their gums to get relief from toothaches. The butternut tree is found in North America, and is also the cousin of the black walnut tree. Butternut trees are found along rivers in well drained soil, rich woods, and even in back yards. Once the tree matures, it can reach heights of up to 60 feet, with the bark being light grey in color, and the leaves and the fruit resembling the black walnut tree. The bark of the tree can be applied to the gums, helping to alleviate toothache pain.


Yarrow on the other hand, can be found in Asia, Europe, and North America. It normally grows wild in meadows, fields, and in open wood lands. The root of yarrow, is what contains the anaesthetic effect. If you apply the fresh root of yarrow to your tooth or gums, it will help to stop the pain – until you can get an appointment with the dentist and get it taken care of.


The herb known as clove is an evergreen tree, native to tropical areas. These days however, it can be found throughout the world. As many already know, the dried flower bud of clove is what contains the medicine. The oil from clove, when used on a toothache, will help to stop the pain almost immediately. If you compare cloves to other natural toothache remedies, you’ll find clove to be the best.


For many years, natural herbs have been used to stop toothache pain. Hundreds of years ago, herbs were the only way to stop the pain. Dentists were just starting to come around, although they didn’t have near the equipment and sophistication that they have these days. Even though teeth were pulled during these times, it normally happened with alcohol to numb the pain then pliers to remove the tooth.


Throughout the course of time, herbs have proven to be very effective with stopping toothache pain. If you are interested in herbs or have any questions about them, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your dentist his opinion. Dentists know herbs, and should be able to recommend natural remedies to you if you request them. The next time you experience the pain of a toothache – you should always remember that herbs are a great way to relieve the pain.

How to become a Tooth designer/Dental Technician Basically….in Houston Texas or surrounding areas.?

Question by Sergio: How to become a Tooth designer/Dental Technician Basically….in Houston Texas or surrounding areas.?
Currently have RDA Registered Dental Assistant License, Over 1 year experience working in dental field from : (General Dentistry, Family Dentistry, Orthodontics, Dental Assisting College background. I like working chairside with Dentist working in the lab, but would like to actually design teeth on computers or in a laboratory. I tend to do great in the dental office laboratory and would like to get a job working where your not always working with the dental patients. I was thinking working in the front office, which seems really intriguing. But then again there’s customers to attend all day there too. I’d like to gain experience as a Dental Technician, I have a friend who designs teeth also but im trying to get in these field doing it on my own without asking for help except on here yahoo answers is very helpful.

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Answer by Hawkeyesrule
Dental labs often train their technicians themselves. There are about 30 dental lab tech programs at various colleges throughout the country–you could see which is the closest to you.

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