Bone Graft

by Dr.O. Karnakova

Bone grafting is recommended for patients having third molar or wisdom teeth extractions due to the many benefits and restoration of the extraction site. Generally, bone grafting is recommended for patients over the age of twenty, but is often recommended for younger patients on a case-by-case scenario. Please consult with your oral surgeon if bone grafting may be needed.

Your doctor will usually recommended bone graft after third molar extractions to restore the bone level to its previous form. After the tooth is extracted, synthetic or cadaver bone is packed into the socket and allowed to integrate by osteoconduction. The bone graft will provide support distal to the second molar as well as help prevent any periodontal pockets or bone loss. In some cases, resorption of the alveolar bone or collapsing of the surrounding gum tissue may be a consequence of not placing bone graft, and can lead to drifting or misalignment of the dentition.

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