Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

by Dr. Karnakova, DDS
A lot of our patients ask about benefits of having orthodontic treatment. The benefits are not only cosmetic, although who can argue the deep social impact of a good healthy smile. What happens clinically, and what are the health benefits with braces? First of all, crowding and overlapping teeth trap food and bacteria. It is very difficult to clean the teeth that are overlapping and over time, people become more prone to developing cavities. In addition, infection in the gums eventually spread to the bone and destroys the supporting structure that holds the teeth. This leads to loosing teeth and abscess formation.

A poor bite affects temporalmandibular joints and causes the degenerate process of the cartilage between the joints. This process is irreversible the cartilage does not regenerate. With time, damaged joints will cause difficulties opening the mouth for speech, and most importantly making eating difficult and sometimes impossible.

In my late 30’s, I was affected with temporalmandibular joint disorder and would sometimes wake up with my teeth only closing on one side. I would experience pain while opening and closing my mouth and often would experience clicking and soreness in my temporalmandibular joints. Besides ruining the dream of having a perfect Hollywood smile, I had to mend through difficult years of trying to prevent cavities and bone loss in the areas where the teeth were misaligned. All these complications motivated me to go through orthodontic treatment and I never regretted my two years of treatment.

My temporalmandibular joints no longer hurt and I can look in the mirror and smile with confidence. I wish this for all my patients; to have a beautiful smile and promote healthy living. Don’t shy away from braces. It is almost never too late. And for the parents of my young patients, I recommend having their first consultation as early as 6 or 7 years old. Sometimes an early approach helps for a more conservative treatment and easier on the child. It allows us to avoid or minimize possible surgery in the future which is a great thing.

One of the benefits of doing orthodontic treatment in our office is that we have our own orthodontic specialist doctor which minimizes prices and makes treatment affordable. Dr. Miller is a wonderful and great specialist who is loved by all our patients. Our office is very fortunate to have someone as special as her providing treatment to the patients.

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