How much should I ask starting pay out of school for a dental hygienist for traverse city, mi?

Question by lm: How much should I ask starting pay out of school for a dental hygienist for traverse city, mi?
I start the dental hygiene program this fall and will be finished june 2010. I am wondering what the starting pay is for a dental hygienist in traverse city, michigan as of today. I have been on and all the like. I am looking for an actual dental hygienist in the area who can give me a better figure. Thanks for the help!

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Answer by ChipinCA
As a dental hygiene student you can join the American Dental Hygienists Association, and your State DHA, they will also have a local chapter (society/group affiliate) get involved with your local group as they do yearly salary surveys. They will let you know average and hi/low salaries, plus benefits and perks. This is great information while negotiating employment. good luck

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Can you get a canine implant without extracting impacted canine?

Question by Mashimoto: Can you get a canine implant without extracting impacted canine?
Basically just as the question says. Is it possible to get a canine dental implant without first extracting the impacted canine tooth, just with removing the deciduous tooth? The impacted bugger can’t be guided down with braces and wire. How long does getting the implant take, and how much does it cost? Also, if the impacted tooth does have to be removed, how much will THAT cost and how long will it take? Thanks.

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Answer by grandpa walleye
The permanent canine would have to be removed before the implant could be placed. Implants will run around $ 3000 and above. Surgical extraction will be a few hundred dollars. It will be several months for all of the healing to take place before you have a tooth in the area. Why can’t the problem be corrected with orthodontics? It would be easier and cheaper. Good luck

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

 A Wisdom Teeth Extraction May Bring You Relief

Wisdom Teeth Extraction


Wisdom teeth extraction is a common and usually very simple procedure.  It is normally accomplished under a local anesthetic unless all of the wisdom teeth are to be removed at one time in which case your dentist will probably send you to an oral surgeon who will use a general anesthetic for the operation.  Your dentist will make an incision in the gum over the tooth if necessary to reach it and stitch this closed when finished.  It should only take you a few days after the wisdom teeth extraction to recover.

There are many reasons why you may need a wisdom teeth extraction.  The most common reason is that your wisdom teeth are impacted.  In simple terms this means that there isn’t enough room for the wisdom teeth to grow in properly and this usually causes them to get stuck in the bone and not push through the gums.  You may also have wisdom teeth that do not break all of the way through your gum.  This can leave a flap of gum tissue that allows food particles to get trapped and result in irritation or infection of the area from Wisdom Teeth Extraction.  Wisdom teeth may also grown in at odd angles or in other ways that adversely affect the healthy teeth that you already have.  In any of these cases the normal course of action that your dentist will recommend is a wisdom teeth extraction.

You will need to take certain precautions after a wisdom teeth extraction.  If you smoke it is important to avoid smoking for as long as possible after the extraction.  Smoking can lead to infection of the wound site and the sucking motion of smoking can cause the clotting to break up resulting in more bleeding and a longer healing time.  You may eat anything that you like but a soft diet will be more tolerable and less painful and hot liquids may cause excessive bleeding.  You should rinse with warm salt water after each meal in order to remove any food particles from the socket where the tooth was removed for at least the first week to avoid infection although it may take up to a month for the socket to close completely from Wisdom Teeth Extraction.

There is no reason for you to suffer in pain due to problems with your wisdom teeth.  If your dentist determines that a wisdom teeth extraction is the right course of action for your treatment it can be done quickly and easily and is followed by a very short healing period.  Remember to take someone with you to the procedure, especially if you are receiving general anesthesia, so they can drive you home.


“Dental Implants” ?

Question by westphalia1: “Dental Implants” ?
Is there such a thing as “dental Implants” that are free, experimental or at no cost? Does any Dental Insurance cover the whole cost? Thanks.

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Answer by cindy4
What is a dental implant???

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What is the difference between a partial and a bridge for dental care?

Question by Crazycuddles: What is the difference between a partial and a bridge for dental care?
how do you know if you need a partial or a bridge..
thanks for your help and what is the difference…

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Answer by frdrtd
If you have lost a tooth, it generally needs to be replaced.
A partial is removable and does not require removal of tooth structure. A bridge is fixed and does require that the adjacent teeth be ground down in order to fit the bridge in place.
You may want to consider an implant though. they are better all around because they are for life, and no other teeth need to be touched. You always want to save your natural tooth structure.

go to

this site will help you, it is the site for The American Dental Association

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