I have a serious decay to one teeth . Dentist recommends rooth canal?

Question by sobusy: I have a serious decay to one teeth . Dentist recommends rooth canal?
But I am missing the two molars near this tooth and I was thinking why should I treat this teeth and pay $ 800 for root canal,instead to just pull it out since is cheaper and since I am going to do either an implant or a denture for the next neighbor teeth. Am I right or the dentist? I know many dentists are just looking to take more money instead of the patient’s interest.That’s why I am asking you r opinion.Thanks.

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Answer by jamrdh70
Can you tell me if this tooth has space between it and the one in front of it?

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Is it possible to change dentists during a cosmetic dentistry procedure?

Question by Sir Singleton: Is it possible to change dentists during a cosmetic dentistry procedure?
I needed a dental implant complete with the porcelain crown and whatnot. A dentist in New York attached the titanium implant about a year ago.

Is it possible to seek another dentist to attach the crown, given I have no x-rays of the implant site prior to the implant?
Follow-Up Question;
Is it possible to remove the porcelain crown at any point if, let’s say, you get your teeth whitened and need a whiter crown?
Javier: Nope.

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Answer by helen
In many places it is common to have one dentist do the implant and another the crown. You will have to check with the dentist doing the crown if this is something he does.

You will have to know the type of implant you have when checking around. There are 2 more parts to what you need done. An abutment that is the link between the implant and the crown and then the crown itself. Different implants use different abutments.

You don’t need an x-ray prior to implant to get a crown on an existing implant.

I don’t know this for a fact but I don’t think removing a crown on an implant is that easy.

Why not get the teeth whitening and crown done at the same time. That way the dentist can match everything up.

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Oral Piercings and infections?

Bandit question 😕 oral piercings and infections
I heard that oral piercings are infected easier than normal because their moth is dirty, but I’ve also seen that easily become infected because his mouth is constantly producing new saliva.Entonces, what is? They are safe tongue web piercings? Best answer:
Answer by dentalhyg

If you think about it, the body will see the piercing as something strange or something that should not be there. Firstly, the perforations can damage the oral periodontal tissue. Constant contact between jewelry and gums and tooth structure can cause recession, chipped teeth, nerve damage and constant inflammation. The mouth itself is not “dirty”, but home to millions of tiny organisms that do have the potential to cause infection. The fact that our salivary glands produce saliva, this does not mean that pathogens may / may not be presente.Una infection can be fatal if not treated in time, so if you opt for an oral piercing should maintan visits recare own office of dentistas.De according to the American Dental Association, “oral piercing carries a potential risk of endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart valves or tissues. bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the drilling area in the mouth and travel to the heart, which can colonize the heart abnormalities. This is a risk for people with heart disease and, in the worst case, result in death. “

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Basics Of Do-It-Yourself Dental Procedures

Many people are bent on doing things on their own because of financial constraints. Among these would be getting their oral health in check right at home. Doing do-it-yourself or DIYs for one’s white teeth and dental health isn’t at all bad. It’s just that there are basics to know so that it would be done right. And yes, it does help one save some bucks to DIY.  In fact, cosmetic surgery is very expensive but this is also an effective way to bring luster shine to your teeth that has already lost their luster.  This article will give you the idea and challenges on dental procedures that you could do in the comfort of your home.  There are many ways to bring back the luster shine and appearance of your teeth using cosmetic dentistry.

This is an option that you need to consider if you want to whiten your teeth effectively. Remember that this kind of procedure is very costly and this option is only best for people with a budget.  Laser bleaching of teeth is being used in the clinic of your dentist.  It uses a laser light to begin the bleach to work.  This bleach is stronger than the one that you are using at your home for whitening your teeth.  This whitening procedure could be performed with only one visit with three twenty minutes bleaching treatments.   After one hour you will the lustrous shine of your teeth and you are ready for the smile.

There is another option that you should also consider aside from laser bleaching treatment.  This method is called professional bleaching trays and this is done by using a higher concentration of peroxide treatment and this treatment should be done by your dentist because he will examine your teeth if this method is ideal for you. This is also an expensive kind of treatment and you should consider your budget when having this kind of treatment to whiten your teeth.

You could also consider home teeth whitening with the supervision of your dentist.  This is a very affordable kind of procedure compared to laser bleaching and professional bleaching trays.   Your dentist makes a customized mouthpiece that you should wear and he will also give you a whitening gel.  The whitening gel contains a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide.  You will be given instruction on how to do it at your home.  You will fill the mouthpiece with a whitening gel and you will wear it for a few hours each day and night.

The advantage of home whitening treatment is that, you can save some dollars compare to some whitening treatment procedure in the clinic of your dentist.  All you have to do is to visit your dentist for checkup if the mouthpiece fits properly. However, this kind of teeth whitening procedure has a slower result compared to laser whitening treatment.  You could wear the mouthpiece for almost two weeks before you could see the whitening results.   It requires several visits to your dentist for the mouthpiece checking.

So, if your teeth lose its lustrous shine, visit your dentist and ask for possible whitening treatment that is best for you.  With this article, you have already the options for what kind of whitening treatment is best depending on your budget.  Keep in mind that these teeth whitening is not permanent and you should repeat the procedure if you notice that your teeth lost its shine again.  However, you could also avoid this by not taking coffee, tea, red wine and avoid smoking.  Happy smiling with beautiful white teeth!