Dental Implants

Dental Implants For Successful Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are a highly durable and long lasting solution for tooth loss.  They are designed to be permanently attached to the bone in your jaw and if properly maintained will last you a lifetime. They look just like your real teeth and no one will even be aware that you have dental implants.  Almost everyone is a good candidate for a dental implant procedure if their gums are in good health and they can safely handle the necessary oral surgery.

The only drawback to dental implants is the length of time that the procedure takes from start to finish.  This can be 3 to 6 months depending on how long the healing process takes.  Certain medical conditions can also effect the chances that a dental implant procedure will be successful.  Patients who suffer from diabetes, alcoholism, or gum disease and those patients that smoke have a lower success rate and tend to take a longer time to complete the process.

The Dental Implants itself will act as the root of your new tooth.  It is made out of titanium and is inserted through the root of the tooth that it is replacing and down into the bone.  Your dentist will make a small incision in your gum to gain access while you are under a local anesthesia.  After the implant is inserted you will need time to heal and allow the bone and implant to fuse together.  Once you have healed your dentist will attach a small post to the titanium root that will hold your tooth tooth snuggly in place.  A new crown will then be installed that has been designed to fit in with your remaining real teeth or other implants.  This new crown can be made to any shape and have any color so that it will be a perfect match and no one will ever know it isn’t a real tooth.

Dental implants look and feel like real teeth and are designed to be permanent.  This eliminates many of the embarrassing problems that patients experience with other solutions such as dentures.  Implants provide a greater comfort level and their permanent nature give patients a confidence boost.  Speech problems caused by slipping dentures are also avoided because implants are installed as individual teeth.  This single tooth method also leads to better oral hygiene as it easier to get between the teeth and keep them clean.  Most people with dental implants completely forget that the implants are even there.

Dental Fear


by Dr. Ilya Zak

This is one of the top problems patients have in coming to the dentist and one of the top comments we hear from the patients.

My name is Dr. Ilya Zak and I would like to share a personal story which actually propelled me into the profession when I was a child.

I was 6 years old and growing up in Russia.  One morning my tooth started hurting me a great deal.  My mom scheduled me to see a dentist.  This place was a large dental clinic in the middle of Moscow set up in a hospital type setting.  It was 4 stories tall and housed different specialists on different floors.

My father was one of the dentists working in this clinic on the 4th floor which was the prosthodontic department.  The children’s clinic was on the first floor.

When my mom brought me to the pediatric dentist he knew I was a referral from my father, his colleague, and took “extra” care to be attentive to me.  He examined by painful tooth and quickly advised my mom that it needed an extraction.  My mom agreed to proceed with the extraction and the dentist quickly began the process.

“Open your mouth, Ilya” he said to me in a very stern tone.

I cooperated immediately even though I was super scared but did not want to embarrass my parents and wanted to be an adult about it.  My mom also told me at home that I may need an injection which would be a little pinch and after I would not feel anything at all…

All of a sudden this dentist took out a large tool and began to advance towards my mouth.  Imagine my surprise and shock when he stuck this instrument in my mouth and started pulling on my tooth.  “What no shot?” I quickly thought to myself.  But I clamped down my little hands on the chair and tried to be a “man” and bear the process.

At some point the process of him pulling my tooth with no anesthetic became unbearable and I began to scream.  But the dentist to my surprise would not stop and just said to me “Just wait little man, I am almost done”…

This “almost done” seemed to last forever and I continued to scream louder and louder.  Finally I saw my dad,  who came down because he heard me scream on the 4th floor.  He began speaking to the dentist who was very aggravated with me for my child-like behavior.   I felt like I let my parents down.

This was the experience I never forgot in my entire life.  It happened in 1972 behind the Iron Curtain and haunted me for years.  I actually think this helps me daily in my career as a doctor.  I hear this quite a lot.  “I was hurt as a child”.

When you say this, I don’t think you’re alone.  Dental pain and anxiety management has evolved tremendously in the last 50 years.  At  Zak Dental  the most effective ones have been implemented.    The greatest satisfaction I have as a dentist is to hear my patient’s say…”Doctor this was the best visit I ever had”.

This article is the first in the series of Dental Fear Management articles for the month of June 2015.

Is the Michigan Dental Assisting School at Bright Side Dental worth it?

Question by : Is the Michigan Dental Assisting School at Bright Side Dental worth it?
It’s a 10 week program. The tuition is $ 3,500 due up front. I’m thinking about signing up for their application for their credit card so I can make monthly payments, but I doubt I’ll get approved. I have my bachelors degree in speech pathology but I only applied to one school for the masters program and I did not get in. I applied to dental assistant jobs that say they will train the right person, but unfortunately, I received no calls. I’m just trying to find a decent paying job so I can move out of my parents house and live on my own. Anyway, they say DA’s make 29-37,000 in Michigan. I have to pay back the money they loan me on their credit card in 18 months at 14.9% interest. I’m not good with numbers and calculations, but should I just apply anyway?

Best answer:

Answer by jannsody
Please be aware that their website doesn’t mention anything about being accredited in any way (not even nationally accredited which is basically worthless 🙂 In addition, the school is NOT accredited by the “American dental association”.

Please also instead consider the more affordable (and usually more reputable) *community college* and/or the *state-public university* (or even the county vo-tech adult school) as long as the program is accredited within the industry. Just an fyi that “American public university” is a for-profit school.

For U.S. colleges (though please still forgo those for-profit schools):

General career info: and can search.

Before considering dental assistant training, please look through some dental textbooks such as those found at the local community college library that offers a dental assistant/dental hygiene program or a local dental/medical school library. Some patients may have severe dental disease which can be difficult for some to handle.

To search for an accredited dental assistant program:

With regard to moving out, you may be aware, but saving up one’s money is crucial before having enough to get one’s own place 🙂 How about working out a budget of your monthly expenses vs. how much money you have to work with, at this point.

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What is dental implants.What cost of dental implants per teeth.Which country provides the lowest cost of denta?

Question by Far D: What is dental implants.What cost of dental implants per teeth.Which country provides the lowest cost of denta?
What is dental implants.What cost of dental implants per teeth.Which country provides the lowest cost of dental implants surgery.

Best answer:

Answer by Helen Miller
I guess Asian Countries provide the lowest cost of dental implants. However you may try to check this site and learn if the cost is within your means.

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Dentistry Can Provide Relief To Everyone

Dentistry Can Provide Relief To Everyone

Dentistry Can Provide Relief To Everyone

The processes and procedures used for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the teeth are collectively known as dentistry. Dentistry is much more than the painful toothache that most people associate with a trip to the dentist. One of the more recent specializations in the field of dentistry is restorative dentistry. Involved in this discipline is the return of the structure of the teeth to a more normal standing so that function is restored. Damaged and decayed teeth can be removed and alternatives suggested that will allow a person to return to a more normal way of life both in terms of function and appearance. The most common options for the replacement of missing teeth through restorative dentistry include implants, crowns, and bridges.

Restorative dentistry is very closely related to cosmetic dentistry with the only real difference being in the reason behind the completion of the dental work. Cosmetic dentistry is mostly concerned with how the teeth and mouth in general look whereas restorative dentistry is more concerned with returning teeth to a fully functional state that allows the proper chewing of food. It is a minor difference and, because many of the procedures are the same, most dental practices that do either also do the other. The health of your teeth and gums can have other effects causing confidence issues if they have a poor appearance or other health problems if they are diseased so do not put off visiting your dentist out of fear.

If you have a problem visiting your dentist due to fear or anxiety then you are not alone and another recent entry into the field, sedation dentistry, may be the answer that you have been looking for to ease your concerns. Most communities now have a dental office that can offer sedation dentistry to those patients who need it and many dental offices specialize in it because of the number of patients who have deep seated fears of dentistry. Normally a patient is given an oral medication a little before the procedure that helps them to relax and ease the anxiety making the whole experience less tense for everyone involved. This is known as light sedation. Stronger medications may be used if necessary, but in most cases the light sedation is enough to make the procedure tolerable even to the most anxious patient.

If sedation dentistry still cannot get you into the dental chair, or if you are in need of a more complex procedure, then you will most likely be referred to an oral surgeon who will be able to give you a general anesthetic so that you can sleep through the procedure. While this type of procedure can be used for those who have extreme dental anxieties, it is most commonly used for painful procedures like the removal of wisdom teeth that cannot be performed with just a local anesthetic like novocaine. Whatever the condition of your teeth and gums you should get regular check ups so that any issues can be fixed and further issues prevented. There is a form of dentistry that will fit your needs and keep you smiling.