The Teeth

by Dr. Sepi Fatahi DMD

The teeth of a denture are typically made from various types of resin or porcelain. The latter was traditionally the preferred material because it was stronger and more durable. Porcelain is still used in some instances and has a number of advantages:

  • A glass-like ceramic material, porcelain has the same translucent appearance as natural tooth enamel, and can be color-matched closely with other teeth in the patient’s mouth.
  • Porcelain teeth feel similar to natural teeth. This makes them easier to adapt to than other materials.
  • The heating process used to make them causes the dentures to become considerably harder, which means they last longer.

The main disadvantages of porcelain dentures, however, are that they’re breakable if dropped on a hard floor and they can wear down natural teeth if they bite against them. Porcelain is better used in full dentures than in partials for this reason.

More recently, however, acrylic resin has become the go-to material for denture teeth, according to a study published by the┬áNational Institutes of Health (NIH), whose research aimed to derive a new technique of making durable dentures using injections of a hybrid composite of resin. Acrylic adheres more securely to the denture base, and is easier to adjust to achieve the correct occlusion than harder porcelain teeth. It’s also significantly less expensive than porcelain, and much lighter in weight.

The disadvantage of teeth made from acrylic resin is that they wear faster than porcelain teeth, which causes changes in the way the teeth make contact with one another. Dentures made from acrylic resin teeth may need to be replaced every five to eight years as a result, but they are still far stronger than the plastic items used in the past.


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Health education (Preventing Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer)?

Question by KAY: Health education (Preventing Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer)?
Question 21 Multiple Choice 2 points
A TIA is a milder form of

heart attack.


heart valve disorder.


Question 22 Multiple Choice 2 points
It is important for Ariana to take all her prescribed antibiotics for strep throat so that it doesn’t lead to

ischemic stroke.

congestive heart failure.

rheumatic heart disease.


Question 23 Multiple Choice 2 points
Sean was injected with a radioactive substance to see how blood flowed through his arteries during this test.


Exercise thallium test


Coronary angiography

Question 24 Multiple Choice 2 points
All of the following are considered heart-healthy foods except





Question 25 Multiple Choice 2 points
What is the association between dental health and cardiovascular disease?

Individuals who have poor dental habits are less likely to take measures to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The more cavities a person has, the higher the risk for heart disease.

Pathogens involved in gum disease can cause inflammation, which may contribute to atherosclerosis.

Infections in the teeth can cause rheumatic fever, which may lead to rheumatic heart disease.

Question 26 Multiple Choice 2 points
All of the following behaviors can reduce a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease except

not smoking.

limiting alcohol intake.

managing stress.

keeping LDL cholesterol levels high.

Question 27 Multiple Choice 2 points
All of the following are inherent links to CVD except

being Asian American.

being over 65.

being male.

having a parent with CVD.

Question 28 Multiple Choice 2 points
Which hormone appears to have a protective effect against heart disease?





Question 29 Multiple Choice 2 points
Which of the following ethnicities is at greatest risk of dying from cancer?

Asian Americans



African Americans

Question 30 Multiple Choice 2 points
The challenges our bodies face in defending cells against mutations include all the following except

Some are more severe than the body can fix.

The frequency of the encounter with the carcinogen can overwhelm the body’s defenses.

The body’s defenses become inactive in response to the carcinogen.

In some people other features of their DNA diminish their body’s ability to protect and repair cells.

Best answer:

Answer by Martha Zimmer
I hate to do someone else’s homework, but here are some answers:
21 – stroke
22 – rheumatic heart disease
23 – exercise thallium test
24 – cheese
25 – inflammation
26 – keeping LDL high
28 – estrogen
That’s all I have time to answer right now. That was fun!

What do you think? Answer below!

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