Dental Insurance vs. Discounted Dental Plans

Dental Insurance And Discount Plans

Dental Insurance And Discount Plans

Oral health and maintenance of the same is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. Prevention and correction of dental problems on time is essential to stem the damage to one of the most important organs of the human body. Many people do not realize the importance of maintaining their oral health. Most Americans who do are without effective dental coverage. This is mainly due to cutting costs by major businesses effecting employee dental benefits. People who are used to regular maintenance of dental health are looking at options where they can get dental benefits. One main question on their minds today is “How benefits differ between Dental Insurance and Discount Dental Plans?


Dental insurance is not available for individuals and families. Is traditionally a coverage offered by employers to their employees who pay monthly premiums for fixed coverage. This kind of coverage has drawbacks – ceiling on spending, deductible or non-reimbursable issues, and waiting periods for certain kind of dental procedures, limitations and care or disease exclusions. This kind of coverage also involves submission of claims. Dental Insurance traditionally covers preventive dental services like cleaning and routine examinations at 100% after deductibles are adjusted (they may vary from $20-$50 annually per individual). However, the choice of the dentist is up to the individual and premium is about $30 a month for individuals and $100 a month for families.


Discount dental plans on the other hand offer dental benefits to everyone and are designed to give access to the dentist networks at discounted rates. They are also known as reduced fee dental plans or affordable dental plans. They are easy to join and does not involve any paperwork. Discount dental plans are generally membership programs that provide coverage on an annual basis with monthly membership fee. Consumers get secured discounts on dental services like exams, routine cleanings, extractions, root canals, fillings, dentures, and braces. They save the consumer 10-60% percent off standard fee of visiting a participating network provider or dentist.


The traditional dental insurance and discounted dental plans can also be clubbed together in certain situations to maximize savings.

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Tooth Fractures Are Common

Tooth Fractures Are Common

Tooth Fractures Are Common

Fractures are a common thing in the world of dentistry. Fractures or cracks occur with all ages, although they are more present in those above the age of 25. They can be very painful, hard to diagnose, yet sometimes easy to treat. There are several types of fractures, which we will look at below.


The first type of crack is known as an oblique supragingival fracture. This fracture is found above the gums, and normally happens when you bite down too hard on something. Normally, this fracture doesn’t involve the nerve. Once the fractured area of the tooth breaks off, the pain will go away. Although the exposed dentin may cause you some pain, you can visit the dentist and have it repaired. If the fracture is large, you may need to have a crown placed on the tooth to prevent further fractures from occurring in that tooth.


The second type of crack exceeds way below the gum line, and is known as an oblique subgingival fracture. Once the fractured piece of tooth breaks off, it normally remains attached to the gums and cause result in terrible pain until you get it removed. Once you have had the piece of tooth removed from the gums, the tooth will be similar to the supragingival fracture. It normally doesn’t affect the nerves, although as a result of the tooth area being lost, you may need to have a root canal to clean out the tooth before having a crown put on it.


The seriousness of this fracture depends on how far it has went beyond the gum line. If it has made it’s way deep into the gum line, you may not be able to save the tooth. The crack can be present for many years, before you start to feel any pain. To be on the safe side, you should go to your regular checkups with your dentist, as he can check for cracks and other problems.


The oblique root fracture is next, although it doesn’t involve the tooth crown at all. This type of fracture is almost always found below the gums, normally under the bone. If a root fracture is found near the crown of the tooth, it will normally prove to be fatal. Sometimes, you can save the tooth with a root canal, even though it is normally lost later on due to an abscess of the bone that surrounds the fracture.


The last type of fracture is the most difficult to deal with. Vertical apical root fractures occur with the tip of the root, and can cause you severe to intense pain, even if you’ve had the nerve removed with a root canal. Even though the nerve may not be present, vertical apical root fractures cause a lot of pain, which occurs in the tooth.


Normally, vertical apical fractures will cause you more pain than any other type of fracture. The resulting pain comes from the fragments putting pressure on the bone, causing the fractured pieces to strain. Just about the only way to get relief from this type of fracture is to get a root canal, as it will ease the pain and get the dead pulp out of the tooth that’s affected with the fracture.


Even though fractures are very common and very painful, you should never put off going to the dentist. Fractures can become more and more serious if you don’t do something about them, which is why you should never hesitate to go to the dentist. Your dentist will be able to diagnose the problem, and fix it before it has the chance to get any worse.

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