Richmond elementary school unveils dental clinic, breaking new ground in

Richmond elementary school unveils dental clinic, breaking new ground in
RICHMOND — An expanded and refurbished dental clinic opened Friday at a Richmond elementary school that sponsors and school officials hope will be a model for schools to offer expanded health services to students in low-income neighborhoods.
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Dentistry students begin focus on pregnant patients
"Pregnant patients require certain methodology for comfort and safety during dental appointments, but most dental students don't ever get exposure to them," explained Rocio Quinonez, associate professor in the Schools of Dentistry and Medicine, …
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Delta Dental grant program recognizes 65 outstanding dental school students
[Company Release] Delta Dental of California, Delta Dental of Pennsylvania and their affiliated companies are proud to sponsor efforts that support oral health and expand access to dental care. This includes not only community events, programs and …
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Dental Assistant Program Acceptance

Dental Assistant Acceptance

Dental Assistant Acceptance

Dental Assistant is one of the fastest growing professions. It is anticipated to be one of the top occupations by 2012. Almost all Dental Assistant programs require applicants to successfully pass a background check prior to acceptance. In addition, drug testing is becoming a widely common practice as well. Most states require students to be tested for Hepatitis B prior to acceptance as well.


Many programs want to look at your work history, education level, and GPA. All of these factors combined will determine if you are accepted into a Dental Assistant Program. You will get a letter informing you of the decision. If you are not accepted into the Dental Assistant Program, you have the right to inquire as to the information that decision was based on.


The reason for background checks for Dental Assistants is because of the number of people they come into contact with. Since they serve the public, their background becomes an area of concern. Safety is a top priority in the dental field. Precautions are taken protect patients as well as other staff.


The background process is very similar in all states. You will be required to provide your personal information and fingerprints. All information that comes back will be reported to the program director. Each state has different levels of acceptable background checks for the Dental Assistant Program.


If you believe your background might prevent you from being accepted into a Dental Assistant Program, ask the instructor or the State Dental Board what the regulations are for your particular state. In some states, they will only look at background information that is less than seven years old. Others will only ban you from the Dental Assistant program if you have been convicted of a crime that involved violence or was of a sexual nature. Other states are very strict. If you have any felony convicts at all, you will not be accepted to the Dental Assistant program. They also will look at misdemeanors including harassment and domestic violence.


Background checks are an ongoing issue with Dental Assistants. You can complete the training program and your license. Your license will be valid for three to five years depending on the state you live in. Upon renewal, another background check will be completed. You can lose your license and your career if you have had any criminal activity during your licensing period. Again, it depends on the regulations for your state.

Since state regulations vary, keep that in mind when considering transferring your Dental Assistant license to another state.


Drug testing regulations have come into play to provide safety for patients and other staff. Drug convictions will generally result in you not being admitted to the Dental Assistant program. It is believed the drugs will impair your ability to perform your job duties in the manner they must be done in. Also, since drugs are available on site of dental facilities, it is possible you will take them.


Hepatitis B is a concern in the dental profession. All individuals wanting to enroll in the Dental Assistant program will be required to be tested. They test requires a quick skin prick on the top of your hand. The results are generally available within a couple of days.


Depending on the Dental Assistant program you are trying to get into, they will require a background check, drug test, and Hepatitis B test. If there is a large demand to enroll in the course your work history, education, and GPA may also be taken into consideration if more people what to enroll than there are slots available.


Being a Dental Assistant is an opportunity to provide assistance to people as well as participate in the practices of the dental field. It also requires accepting responsibly for your actions. Dental Assistants have to be very responsible. It is believed you decisions in your personal life often reflect the choices you will make in your personal life.

Is it possible to change dentists during a cosmetic dentistry procedure?

Question by Sir Singleton: Is it possible to change dentists during a cosmetic dentistry procedure?
I needed a dental implant complete with the porcelain crown and whatnot. A dentist in New York attached the titanium implant about a year ago.

Is it possible to seek another dentist to attach the crown, given I have no x-rays of the implant site prior to the implant?
Follow-Up Question;
Is it possible to remove the porcelain crown at any point if, let’s say, you get your teeth whitened and need a whiter crown?
Javier: Nope.

Best answer:

Answer by helen
In many places it is common to have one dentist do the implant and another the crown. You will have to check with the dentist doing the crown if this is something he does.

You will have to know the type of implant you have when checking around. There are 2 more parts to what you need done. An abutment that is the link between the implant and the crown and then the crown itself. Different implants use different abutments.

You don’t need an x-ray prior to implant to get a crown on an existing implant.

I don’t know this for a fact but I don’t think removing a crown on an implant is that easy.

Why not get the teeth whitening and crown done at the same time. That way the dentist can match everything up.

Hope this helps,


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Updates Industry

Updates Industry
Charles H. Norman III, DDS of Greensboro, North Carolina, was recently installed as the 2013-2014 president of the American Dental Association (ADA) during the annual session of the ADA in New Orleans. Maxine Feinberg, DDS, has been chosen as the new ADA …

politicians scandal plagued by natural disasters, a look back at 2013
6 – The NHL and NHL Players’ Association have reached an agreement in principle for 10 years to end lockout 113 days, allowing the league to save the season with a schedule of 48 games truncated. 8 – After more than 13 years of legal battle, the Federal Court …

AZ better jobs for 2014 and beyond
… for cosmetic dental work, dental technicians will be in high demand along with a range of health professions. According to the Australian Dental Association, the demand for dentures is decreasing, but specialized areas such as crowns and bridges are in place.

Greensboro dentist to be president American Dental Association

Greensboro dentist to be president American Dental Association
… for graduates of dental schools. He said the average debt is a staggering $ 226,000 USD, compared to the average income of the last year of $ 192,000 for a general practitioner. He recently talked about his job and projects that the American Dental Association …

Avoid expensive Dentist Bill
According to the American Dental Association, more than 500 drugs – from painkillers to antihistamines – can. … According to the Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, only 1% of American dentists achieve this high level of play.