Flawed GM Models, Young Drivers Made for a Deadly Mix

Flawed GM Models, Young Drivers Made for a Deadly Mix
… after three separate stalls. The complaints, from March 2005 through April 2009, were among 90 dealer accounts that were read into a deposition in a wrongful-death lawsuit in Georgia that GM settled in September. … “It's going to be a real …
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Prescription for Winning: Doctors Rake in Campaign Cash from Medical
Health professionals — including dozens of groups like the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Hospital Association — were the number one source of campaign donations in the 2012 elections for 13 of …
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Veterans benefit from third-annual Stand Down in Torrington
TORRINGTON >> A group of veterans stood at attention and saluted the American Flag as the national anthem played at the Torrington Armory Wednesday. The act kicked off FISH's third-annual Veteran Stand Down, led by Executive Director Deidre DiCara …
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Q&A: Are dental implants “nice to have” when you have lost back teeth, or “need to have”?

Question by John S.: Are dental implants “nice to have” when you have lost back teeth, or “need to have”?
Patient is 80 years old with no front teeth missing. They are, however, missing 2 upper left molars, 3 upper right molars, and 2 lower right molars. They are not in pain and can chew adequately. But now a dentist specializing in cosmetic and implant dentistry has recommended expensive partial dentures to replace the missing upper 5 molars. In that the patient has no dental insurance and is fixed income, the dentist suggests spreading the cost out over time by replacing the missing upper molars with partial dentures now, and the lower molars with partial dentures in 1 year.

The question really becomes is whether the patient really needs to go broke paying for implants they may not really need. So do cosmetic and implant dentists sometimes recommend discretionary work? Or would these implants truly be necessary to prevent drifting of the remaining teeth or other deterioration?

Are implants more cosmetic? Or structurally necessary? And versus spending hundreds more on X-rays with another dentist, what is an inexpensive way to get a second opinion in a small town with few dentists?

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Answer by Sage
In all honesty, if the patient is that old and it’s just the back teeth, why bother getting them? The patient is not in pain, and does not have any problem chewing so their is no problem. Obviously, the dentist will recommend them, because they want your money. I would suggest not to get them, if you certainly don’t need them of course. Good Luck!

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Lastest American Dental Association California News

Election 2014: Candidates file first financial statements in statewide races
Major contributors to Gipson's campaign include Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy, ($ 4,100); California Dental Political Action Committee ($ 4,100); Farmers Group, Inc. Employees and Agents PAC ($ 2,500); San Fernando Valley Assemblyman and …
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Northridge Dental Group is Offering Discounted Oral Cancer Screening for the
Dr. Shahdad Arami is a graduate of UCLA and a top dentist who concentrates on treating phobic and medically compromised patients. He is a member of the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association. He offers a variety of cosmetic …
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Dr. Douglas Ng DDS, a San Luis Obispo Dentist, Announces Launch of Website
He received his DDS from the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry and has been a practicing in San Luis Obispo since 2008. He is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, the Central Coast Dental Society and …
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How to become a Tooth designer/Dental Technician Basically….in Houston Texas or surrounding areas.?

Question by Sergio: How to become a Tooth designer/Dental Technician Basically….in Houston Texas or surrounding areas.?
Currently have RDA Registered Dental Assistant License, Over 1 year experience working in dental field from : (General Dentistry, Family Dentistry, Orthodontics, Dental Assisting College background. I like working chairside with Dentist working in the lab, but would like to actually design teeth on computers or in a laboratory. I tend to do great in the dental office laboratory and would like to get a job working where your not always working with the dental patients. I was thinking working in the front office, which seems really intriguing. But then again there’s customers to attend all day there too. I’d like to gain experience as a Dental Technician, I have a friend who designs teeth also but im trying to get in these field doing it on my own without asking for help except on here yahoo answers is very helpful.

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Answer by Hawkeyesrule
Dental labs often train their technicians themselves. There are about 30 dental lab tech programs at various colleges throughout the country–you could see which is the closest to you.

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Dental Health Conditions

Poor Dental Hygiene Can Lead To Serious Dental Health Conditions

Dental Health ConditionsPoor dental hygiene and the lack of a dental care routine can result in many dental health conditions.  Brushing and flossing multiple times a day should be part of everyone’s daily schedule but many people get busy and neglect these activities without realizing how serious the resulting dental health conditions may be.  The earliest and most commonly seen sign of this neglect is bad breath.  Breath mints only temporarily cover it up.  Only good oral hygiene on a daily basis can keep it away.

Another dental health condition that can lead to further problems is plaque and tartar build up.  Plaque build up leads to tooth decay and gum problems. This is caused by the bacteria that live in your mouth and can be prevented with simple brushing and flossing.  If plaque is ignored it will eventually harden into tartar and then can only be removed by being scraped off by your dentist.

The same bacteria that cause plaque also turn the sugars that you put into your mouth into acids that can attack the enamel on your teeth and if left unchecked the result of this is a cavity.  A cavity is a hole in a tooth and you will need to have it filled by your dentist or it will just keep getting bigger until it results in losing the tooth completely.  Once the enamel on your teeth is gone it can never be replaced.  Avoid sugary snacks and brush immediately after if you do have one.

Prolonged neglect of dental care can result in more serious dental health conditions like gum disease.  Gum disease, if left untreated, can result in the loss of all of your teeth and has been linked to other health problems.  Gum disease has been shown to be related to stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  Dental health conditions can result in serious medical problems.  Your dental health affects much more than just your mouth.

Dental health conditions can be avoided with just a little preventative action on your part.  You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, use dental floss on a regular basis, and remember to rinse your mouth after brushing and flossing.  Make sure to visit your dental health professional at least twice a year for regular check ups.  Following these simple procedures will avoid many of the dental health conditions that can lead to disease, pain, and expensive treatments.