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/The Dental Center Specializes in Porcelain Veneers, Call today for a Free

/The Dental Center Specializes in Porcelain Veneers, Call today for a Free
Doctors Haganman, Stovie, Hingst and support professionals at The Dental Center strive to help every one of our patients keep their teeth healthy and their smiles bright. Our dentists stay current with the latest in dental diagnosis and treatment to …
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Sugar Land Dentist Provides Details on Veneer Options and Expenses
Sugar Land, TX — (ReleaseWire) — 11/05/2014 — The Sugar Land dental professionals at Mann Dental Care know that veneers are an excellent solution for many patients, but often those patients may be unsure of the process and turned away from the …

American Dental Care in Harrisburg Announces Porcelain Veneers Appointment
With advances in dental procedures and technology there is no longer a need to hide a smile. American Dental Care, a leading cosmetic dentist in Harrisburg, announces it has availability for patients to set up an appointment for porcelain veneers.

How do you become a certified dental assistant in Utah?

Question by Amy D: How do you become a certified dental assistant in Utah?
I’m currently getting a dental assistant diploma in a different state. I’m just wondering how to get certified in Utah.

Best answer:

Answer by kelloggdental
Contact the Utah Dental Association on line. Have a clear idea of what you want.
They will tell you what to do or who to contact.
DDS 33yrs

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Greensboro dentist to be president of American Dental Association

Greensboro dentist to be president of American Dental Association
Now, Norman will be influencing dentists all across the country as the American Dental Association's new president. Norman … Norman was elected president over one opponent by the association's House of Delegates, a nearly 500-member body. He has …
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The city and schools have moved past partner schools conflict, but the issue
The refugees brought with them long-standing traditions and values that at times clashed with modern American society. But the biggest obstacle they faced was the language barrier. The Dec. 14 election ousted five incumbents on the Wausau School Board …
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SPOTLIGHT: Textbook revisions in Texas bring concern
A Journal News editorial: Housing foes embrace politics, shun history. Members of … McLeroy is a dentist from Bryan, Texas, a self-described Christian fundamentalist, and an outgoing member of state school board of education. Over the … But Jay …
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Oral piercings and infections?

Question by Bandit: Oral piercings and infections?
I have heard that oral piercings get infected easier than normal because your moth is dirty, but I have also seen that they don’t get infected easily because your mouth is constantly producing new saliva.

So which is it??

Also, are tongue WEB piercings safe?

Best answer:

Answer by dentalhyg
If you think about it, the body is going to view the piercing as something foreign- or something that shouldn’t be there. First of all, oral piercings can damage periodontal tissue. Constant contact between the jewelery and gums and tooth structure can cause recession, chipping of the teeth, nerve damage and constant inflammation. The mouth itself is not “dirty” but it home to millions of tiny micro organisms that do have the potential to cause infection. Just because our salivary glands are producing saliva, this does not mean pathogenic micro organisms may/ may not be present.

An infection can become life threatening if it’s not treated promptly, which is why if you do opt for an oral piercing you should maintan proper recare visits to the dentists office.

According to the American Dental Association, “oral piercing carries a potential risk of endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart valves or tissues. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the piercing site in the mouth and travel to the heart, where it can colonize on heart abnormalities. This is a risk for people with heart conditions and, in the worst of cases, results in death.”

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