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American Dental Association study bolsters value of fluoride
The study, developed by the staff of the VA Office of Dentistry and published in the May 2014 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association, highlighted an inverse relationship between fluoride performance measures (PM) and the need for …
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American Dental Association Report to Congress Addresses Barriers to Access
WASHINGTON, May 19, 2014 /True Blue Tribune/ – The American Dental Association (ADA) today released its inaugural “Action for Dental Health: Report to Congress” which recognizes the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Action for Dental Health …
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Kattner to deliver keynote at SIU Dental commencement
Among many notable appointed or elected positions, he has served as the general chair of the 146th American Dental Association Annual Session, chair for the Council on American Dental Association Sessions, speaker of the house of the Illinois State …
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Dental Assistant Licensing Requirement


Dental Assistant Licensing

Licensing Requirements for Dental Assistants vary by state. In some states you don’t even have to be licensed, only show that you have completed a Dental Assistant course of on the job training. If your particular state offers a licensing option, it is to your advantage to obtain licensing as you will have a better chance of being hired over those who aren’t licensed. In general, you can also expect to be paid more than those who are qualified, yet not licensed. There are not Federal Guidelines in regards to Dental Assistant licensing. Everything takes place on the state level.


The Dental Assistant licensing exam is often referred to as DAT, short for Dental Admission Test. The test may be complied of basic information including tools used in dental offices, procedures, safety, and technology. Many states require you to complete procedures you will actually use in a dental office for an examiner. This will likely include showing your skills on safety and proper cleansing of tools.


Most Dental Assistant programs and on the job training programs are well aware of the licensing requirements in your state. The programs are customized to meet all those requirements and help prepare you for both the written and procedural portions of the exam. They can also assist you in finding out when the exam will be conducted in your area.


Regardless if licensing is required in your state or not, not employers require Dental Assistants to complete a background check prior to starting employment. This is for the safety and protection of the patients as well as the staff. If you have a criminal background, it may prevent you from being able to work as a Dental Assistant in some states. In others, you will only be barred if the crime was sexual in nature or violent in nature. Still yet, other states only prevent you from being hired as a Dental Assistant if you have a felony conviction in the past seven years.


If you think your background check will be a factor in gaining employment as a Dental Assistant, it is very important to check into the state requirements prior to enrolling in and completing a program. It is not advised to lie on your application either as almost all dentist offices will conduct a thorough background check on all individuals they are considering offering employment to.


Most Dental Assistant licenses are valid for a certain length of time. Generally three to five years. As your renewal comes due, you will be sent a questionnaire from your State Medical Board. It will ask you questions pertaining to your employment, about any convictions or pending issues that have taken place. Keep in mind that your Dental Assistant license can be revoked if the information you place on the renewal is found to be inaccurate or if you have been involved in criminal activity during the licensing period.


It is very important that you understand Dental Assistant licensing requirements vary greatly from state to state. Therefore, if you are planning to move to another state make sure you can transfer your license to that state. You will be able to if your license is in good standing and the State Dental Board is not investigating any complaints about you. The state you are transferring your license to must have the same level of requirements or less. It the new state requirements are more than you have, then you will need to obtain the missing skills or classes in order to obtain a license.


Licensing as a Dental Assistant can help you have an edge on the completion for that great job you want. It also implies to patients that you are qualified to be working in a dental office and meeting their dental needs. It can also increase your level of pay in some states where licensing is available but not required. You can obtain information about licensing exams in your area from the State Dental Board or you course instructor. The exam is generally written and procedural.

6 things to know to keep your kids' teeth healthy

6 things to know to keep your kids' teeth healthy
Kids should have their first dental visit within six months of when their first tooth breaks through the gums, or by age 1, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Kids can see either a general dentist or a pediatric dentist …
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Children's Dentistry Celebrates Dental Health Month
Each February, the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children's Dental Health month to raise awareness about proper dental care for young children. Dr. Jerry Udelson, a long-time pediatric dentist in Forest Park and father of four, …
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Good Dental Care Starts At Home

Good dental care begins at home with some basic things that should be done on a daily basis.  It all starts with brushing your teeth at least twice daily using a soft bristled toothbrush.  You should brush for at least two minutes making sure to brush all areas of the mouth including the roof and tongue with a quality fluoride toothpaste.  An electric toothbrush may make it easier for you to get to some of the harder to reach places.  And remember to throw out that old toothbrush.  Many dentists recommend having two brushes, one for morning and one for night, and replacing them at least every three months.

Flossing also needs to be done on a regular schedule of at least once a day for good dental care.  You can do this either before or after you brush for good dental care. If you are only going to floss once a day then it should be part of your evening dental care routine.  Choose a dental floss that you are comfortable with and feels good when you use it.  Floss between all of your teeth firmly enough to remove any lodged food particles but not so firmly that you cause your gums to bleed.

Your home dental care routine should be finished off with some mouthwash.

Mouthwash should be used at least twice a day for good dental care, normally as a rinse after brushing and flossing.  This will help to Dental Careget rid of any loosened food particles as well as help to control the bacteria population in your mouth.  It is the bacteria in your mouth that is the main cause of both plaque build up and bad breath.

Even the best home dental care routine doesn’t eliminate the need to see your dental professional.  Visit your dentist for Dental Care on a regular basis so that he can stay on top of your dental health.  Check ups should be scheduled every six months and more often if your dentist suggests.  Your dentist will be able to spot any of the signs of tooth decay or gum disease early and be able to offer you treatments so that these small problems don’t grow into larger ones.  Failure to see your dentist and heed his advice about your dental care can lead to complications and painful problems down the road. Make sure that you discuss your home dental care regimen with your dentist to determine if your efforts are adequate to maintain good dental health.

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