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American Dental Association: Brush With Fluoride Toothpaste Before Age 2

American Dental Association: Brush With Fluoride Toothpaste Before Age 2
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New guidelines from the American Dental Association say children should begin using toothpaste with fluoride as soon as they get their first tooth. As CBS 2′s Dr. Max Gomez, the recommendation is aimed at preventing …
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Children's dental health
The American Dental Association designated February as National Children's Dental Health Month. Dentists all over the nation join in activities to promote Children's Dental Health Month. One program is “Give a Kid a Smile.” You may have seen something …
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Henry Schein And Supplier Partners Join American Dental Association To
The ADA Seal of Acceptance long has been a valuable and respected guide to consumer dental care products. The monthly The Journal of the American Dental Association(JADA) is the ADA's flagship publication and the best-read scientific journal in …

affordable dental assistant schools / hygiene near san jose ca?

Question by Jazmin : assistant schools / affordable dental hygiene near san jose ca ?
I live in san jose and have been looking for professional dental schools / training. I do not want no real place, expensive as Heald, Carrington, Everest, etc. please help Best answer:
Reply by jannsody

smart to want to avoid those private for-profit schools such as warp, Everest, devry and Carrington You. If the community college (or county vo-tech school adult dental assistant) has accredited the “American Dental Association” program, schools are often more affordable, good reputación.Antes taking pre-req courses for dental hygiene or dental assistance, please look through and read some books dental, such as those found in the library of the local community college that offers DA or DH or dental school library text / local health. Some patients may have severe dental disease that can be difficult for some to handle. If you have not done some job shadowing, please find out about it también.Para accredited programs in DA or DH: U.S.: http://www / world / univInformación overall career. Http :/ / / ooh and can search

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Oral piercings and infections?

Question by Bandit: Oral piercings and infections?
I have heard that oral piercings get infected easier than normal because your moth is dirty, but I have also seen that they don’t get infected easily because your mouth is constantly producing new saliva.

So which is it??

Also, are tongue WEB piercings safe?

Best answer:

Answer by dentalhyg
If you think about it, the body is going to view the piercing as something foreign- or something that shouldn’t be there. First of all, oral piercings can damage periodontal tissue. Constant contact between the jewelery and gums and tooth structure can cause recession, chipping of the teeth, nerve damage and constant inflammation. The mouth itself is not “dirty” but it home to millions of tiny micro organisms that do have the potential to cause infection. Just because our salivary glands are producing saliva, this does not mean pathogenic micro organisms may/ may not be present.

An infection can become life threatening if it’s not treated promptly, which is why if you do opt for an oral piercing you should maintan proper recare visits to the dentists office.

According to the American Dental Association, “oral piercing carries a potential risk of endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart valves or tissues. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the piercing site in the mouth and travel to the heart, where it can colonize on heart abnormalities. This is a risk for people with heart conditions and, in the worst of cases, results in death.”

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Lastest American Dental Association Journal News

American Dental Association study bolsters value of fluoride
The study, developed by the staff of the VA Office of Dentistry and published in the May 2014 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association, highlighted an inverse relationship between fluoride performance measures (PM) and the need for …
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American Dental Association Report to Congress Addresses Barriers to Access
WASHINGTON, May 19, 2014 /True Blue Tribune/ – The American Dental Association (ADA) today released its inaugural “Action for Dental Health: Report to Congress” which recognizes the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Action for Dental Health …
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Kattner to deliver keynote at SIU Dental commencement
Among many notable appointed or elected positions, he has served as the general chair of the 146th American Dental Association Annual Session, chair for the Council on American Dental Association Sessions, speaker of the house of the Illinois State …
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Health education (Preventing Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer)?

Question by KAY: Health education (Preventing Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer)?
Question 21 Multiple Choice 2 points
A TIA is a milder form of

heart attack.


heart valve disorder.


Question 22 Multiple Choice 2 points
It is important for Ariana to take all her prescribed antibiotics for strep throat so that it doesn’t lead to

ischemic stroke.

congestive heart failure.

rheumatic heart disease.


Question 23 Multiple Choice 2 points
Sean was injected with a radioactive substance to see how blood flowed through his arteries during this test.


Exercise thallium test


Coronary angiography

Question 24 Multiple Choice 2 points
All of the following are considered heart-healthy foods except





Question 25 Multiple Choice 2 points
What is the association between dental health and cardiovascular disease?

Individuals who have poor dental habits are less likely to take measures to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The more cavities a person has, the higher the risk for heart disease.

Pathogens involved in gum disease can cause inflammation, which may contribute to atherosclerosis.

Infections in the teeth can cause rheumatic fever, which may lead to rheumatic heart disease.

Question 26 Multiple Choice 2 points
All of the following behaviors can reduce a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease except

not smoking.

limiting alcohol intake.

managing stress.

keeping LDL cholesterol levels high.

Question 27 Multiple Choice 2 points
All of the following are inherent links to CVD except

being Asian American.

being over 65.

being male.

having a parent with CVD.

Question 28 Multiple Choice 2 points
Which hormone appears to have a protective effect against heart disease?





Question 29 Multiple Choice 2 points
Which of the following ethnicities is at greatest risk of dying from cancer?

Asian Americans



African Americans

Question 30 Multiple Choice 2 points
The challenges our bodies face in defending cells against mutations include all the following except

Some are more severe than the body can fix.

The frequency of the encounter with the carcinogen can overwhelm the body’s defenses.

The body’s defenses become inactive in response to the carcinogen.

In some people other features of their DNA diminish their body’s ability to protect and repair cells.

Best answer:

Answer by Martha Zimmer
I hate to do someone else’s homework, but here are some answers:
21 – stroke
22 – rheumatic heart disease
23 – exercise thallium test
24 – cheese
25 – inflammation
26 – keeping LDL high
28 – estrogen
That’s all I have time to answer right now. That was fun!

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